Our fitness training is a unique approach to fitness training. We specialise in Strength and Conditioning for a range of sports and general fitness; all geared to unleash your potential for athletic development and freedom of movement. The main pillar of our philosophy is ‘effective strength and conditioning’, bridging the gap between sports science and it’s practical application for real life and real people. Fitness Training can also tailor physical training for people with medical conditions.

We specialise in Kettlebell training, and all our exceptional Kettlebell trainers are internationally qualified through the IKFF and RKC and are highly experienced, ensuring that you get a platinum standard Kettlebell coach. Our depth of knowledge means we know how to apply the kettlebell as a tool to excel performance, getting you fitter, stronger, toned and more durable than most.

But Fitness Training is no one trick pony. We utilise a wide range of tools including body weight exercises, barbells, dumbells, medicine balls, tyres, sledge hammers – the works. If its effective we use it if its not, we don’t.

Delivering a fresh and innovative perspective, our purpose is to provide the fitness and sports community (that means you) with the highest standard of physical fitness training and development in London and the UK. Here at Fitness Training we take an integrated approach . We understand that it’s not just about the fitness training, but take into account the whole picture. Complete physical fitness and mental clarity.
Our aim is to get you where and how you want to be. We are passionate about physical improvement and self empowerment. That’s why we do what we do. Simple right? Thank you for taking the time to visit Fitness Training: the home of effective strength and conditioning


Healthy eating must be accompanied with good exercise or physical activity. Thus, aside from taking herbal colon cleanse after eating my breakfast, I made sure that I go to my dance class and some swimming activities at least three times a week. Physical activities make me relax and think well. It is highly recommended for people who are engrossed with their work. It will make their bodies and minds function better and could help them to produce more quality work.
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